Saturday, December 6, 2008

Then and Now

Anybody wanna see a pregnant belly shot? No, ok, well then head over to My Addictions on the right and click on someone else's blog because this one today will have 2 of them.

I decided that I'd do a comparison post of the Sweetpea Belly (Bethany) and the Rosebud Baby (Name TBD). I'm 13lbs at least lighter now that I was with Beth at this point, having only gained 21lbs and am feeling pretty ok about it. With 7 weeks and 6 days left to go I figure that's not too bad, a far cry from my first pregnancy 60lbs...although as you read I'm pretty sure I can feel good ol' Murphy kicking me in the butt....

So why is it that the pictures aren't satisfying? Why is it that I don't see much of difference between then and now? My head knows the facts but my eyes and my heart see something different. The one good thing....we decided to take this photo pre-christmas baking season. Even if I can't eat most of the Christmas treats I still manage to find one or two that do not have some kind of corn derivative in them and thoroughly enjoy those treats.

Anyways, complaining aside, here is 30 weeks pregnant with Bethany

And here we are 32 Weeks with Rosebud

I was trying to see which stuck out further, my belly or the Christmas belly won. A post for another day, the 6' tree in my living room....the box lied!

Anyways, thanks for listening, you can decide for yourself if they are the same...Corey says No. I'm still pretty sure he's saying that because he remembers when he answered this question wrong, but for now my ego will hang on to every bit.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley,
You really are so beautiful, Corey is so right about that one. We are so blessed to have you in our family. Love you guys so much, John & Mom

Anonymous said...

Ok Mom here. Ashley you look awesome kiddo. You have done very well with your weight this pregnancy. The one thing that stands out to me is that smile. You are a happy Wife and Mommy with a new reason to smile on the way. Dad is sitting here and says that he thinks you look aboslutely fabulous. We love you so much and are excited about that wee baby bump turning into a wee baby that we can watch you and Corey be Mommy and Daddy too. And of course, watch Bethany be big sister. PS from Dad: Thanks so much for putting everything together for the company party it turned out great. You make me so proud.

Hugs and Love
Mom and Dad (Grammy & Papa)

Kami said...

I see a big difference, this time you are ALL baby!

Chin up, we all feel huge when we are past 30 weeks. It's normal and okay and guess what? only 10 or so more weeks and you will feel like you lost 20 lbs in a matter of hours!

Niki said...

You look wonderful, Ashley! And yes, I can tell a difference! Good job on keeping the weight and cravings in check! I'm sure you'll be very happy you did once baby arrives and you have only a few lbs to work on losing.

Janice Vandyk said...

Hey you look great!!