Monday, March 30, 2009

When the sunshines

This past Sunday was just that a sunny day! After what feels like months of snow/rain filled days we jumped on the chance to enjoy the nice weather. We packed the kids up after church and a nive fellowship lunch and headed to our "new" park. An hour and a half later we had a very happy toddler, a sleeping baby and 2 refreshed parents. Not to mention scads of photos - nice weather means natural light photo opprotunities and that means a camera happy Mommy - see:

There was a little boy playing with Beth for awhile, he was a little older and would run and hide under the park equipment to make her laugh. Each time he disappeared Beth would crouch down and holler, "Hey Guy! Whatchu doin' down there?"

My static cling girly, click on the photo to get a glimpse of what I deal with on a daily basis with her hair.

Audrey slept the whole time we were at the park. This was the only time she opened her eyes, looks impressed eh?

We even tried putting her down on the slide, she just sighed and kept on dreaming. Note the awesome cozy suit Grandma Kimmie made, it was for Beth but Audrey loves it too! It's so great having Grandmas who sew.

Daddy loves the park too!

My tiny.

The Stone girls. We are in b&w because my face was all shades of red from the crispness. Very Bob the tomato.

Here to hoping for many more sunny days!


Anonymous said...

Such a special sweet family. You look like you had a terrific time!!! Love yas

Anonymous said...

We always get such feelings of being right there with you when we read and see the wonderful pics and stories. We love and miss you all so much. God bless you all, Love you lots, John & Mom Kimmie