Saturday, April 11, 2009

Changing like the seasons

On many an occasion I have said how quickly Bethany is growing. Now that Audrey is here I'm pretty sure someone borrowed the remote from Click (stupid movie by the way) and hit fast forward on my life. Not only is Bethany growing and changing at a rapid pace but Audrey is a never ending bundle of newness. I wasn't really prepared for how fast things go with the second or for the fact that I've already forgotten so much with Beth.

We were watching old movies of Bethany on YouTube (this is our YouTube page) and I couldn't help but look on in wonder at the dramatic difference, my baby is gone. She's been replaced by a sweet, loving, rambunctious and sometimes tempermental toddler. She's learned the word NO and it's proper (although often consequence inducing) application. She loves her sister, gives hugs and cuddles and is facisnated with trains, trucks and cows. She's also my singing dancing little star.

And in the other carseat, sits my tiny baby who's already at about the 14lb mark, not quite 3 months old and moving in to 6 month sleepers because she's so long and changing faster than I remember. She's smiling now and cooing, kicking and grabbing things (especially my hair or the front of my shirt). I don't have the time I used to with Bethany to enjoy things with Audrey. I have 2, to manage, I have a household to maintain and sometimes, just sometimes I'd like to sit down too! Seeing the videos and looking at the photos is a good reminder to slow down and appreciate the moments. They go so fast!

Anyways, this "short" post is a little longer than intended. So I'll quit rambling and you can click play...

Audrey and Bethany Singing from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.

She picked a flower from the garden I have yet to tend...

I love her face in this photo, she's my flower girl.

I know her soother is in her mouth but I love her eyes in this photo. If you look close you'll see they aren't really blue at all, they're already a dark steel colour with brown centers. I wonder will she get her daddy's granite colour eyes or my dark brown, hmmm.

I can't get this photo to turn but I LOVE it!

Hangin' out on the blanket from Aunt Judy on the lawn. Oh sunshine, we love you.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful girls!!! They are the best! Hugs to you all. Hey the pictures are great. You are getting a real handle on your camera and programs! Good job!
Happy Easter... Love you all...
Mom / Grammy