Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Photo Summary

Being that I'm short on time, lacking in sleep thanks to a whole household cold and really feeling lazy I'm going to show you the fruits of our Easter weekend rather than blather on about them.

Grandpa Bert came down to visit for the weekend. Bethany was especially pleased to have him here and spent virtually every second she could asking him, " Wanna play toys with me?"

Audrey was glad he was here too although this was the best smile we could capture on camera. All the rest came before or after the flash. The best smile was followed by her puking all over his shoulder - niiiice.

Papa had a very special gift for his girls this Easter - a John Deer Wagon. Papa and Daddy waited for Beth to get up from her nap to help them put it together. Notice, SHE is using the instructions.

These aren't from Easter weekend but they certainly made me laugh...

Mommy: "Hey B, what's on your face?"
Bethany:"Um I no, don't know..."
Mommy:" Is it crayon?"

Bethany:" NO! It's Yipstick!"
Mommy:*laughing with tears* "Can I take your picture?"

Mommy: " Ok Beth smile! Let's see your lipstick"

She was a little offended by the laughter I think. Oh but did I laugh. The pictures don't due her justice.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Ha! She looks super perturbed in those last few, too funny! And Audrey is adorable! She has so much hair :)

Kristina said...

Love your girls, they are awesome. I mean throwing up AND smiling!!! yipstick.... Great kids :)