Saturday, April 4, 2009

You know you're a Mom when...

Top 10 "You know you're a Mom" moments:

10. You know you're a Mom when...asked what your child's favorite vegetable is your response is "Ketchup. Um I mean cucumber, it's a tie?"

9. You know you're a Mom leave with the purpose of purchasing pants for yourself that fit and return with a new sippy cup, sleepers, a book that has pictures, burp clothes and smarties. And you're not in the least bit disappointed, in fact you're actually quite pleased with yourself. (Your husband on the other hand is not and sends you out the following week with your Mother and instructions not to return with out two pairs of pants that don't sag in the bum)

8. You know you're a Mom when... a clean shirt has only been spit up on once and you actually wipe the drool off your baby's chin onto the leg of your jeans. (Oh puh-lease you know you've done it too.)

7. You know you're a Mom lick your thumb to wipe food off of your husband's face.

6. You know you're a Mom smell something stinky and promptly grab your child, pull open the back of their pants and take a whiff.

5. You know you're a Mom when... you're out on a date with your husband and 9 o'clock feels late.

4. You know you're a Mom when... you never leave home without diapers, sippy cups, bottles, snacks, a dry pair of whatever they're wearing, toys and Kleenex - to get the mail.

3. You know you're a Mom an attempt to potty train your toddler, you jump up and announce in a rather overly exaggerated voice that "Mommy has to pee, come on hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Let's run to the potty!" and then realize you have company and they are looking at you just a little funny.

2. You know you're a Mom when...peace is being able to pee alone, with the door closed (see above.)

1. You know you're a Mom when... every breath you take hinges on your children. When a bad day is erased by the prayers of your toddler and the smell of your sweet little one after a bath. When your true joy comes from the smiles of your baby or the laughter of your big girl. When you can't imagine life without spit up and drool, Dora and Pooh Bear, stories and snuggles, Bethany and Audrey.

You know you're a Mom when your soul is a peace with your husband by your side and your children in your arms. That's when I knew, I was a Mom.


Angella said...

This was awesome to read, Ashley. I loved it!

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Beautiful Ashley, beautiful. Especially #1!

Anonymous said...

so funny.... and you were being nice when you left out all the other things that are probably wiped onto our pants from our children.. ha ha.... funny story.. i announced cole having to POOP!!! in the middle of a store, and didnt realize how busy it was until every person there was staring at me. Opps... jenny

Anonymous said...

Hi Kiddo. You are a great Mommy. Being your Mom and watching you being a Mom is one of lifes greatest pleasures. I love how you love your girls and your dear husband. So Proud of you!

Melissa said...

What a beautiful post Ashley. I laughed so hard as I relate to just about all of them. What a busy and fun stage of life we're in!