Sunday, April 26, 2009

Corey got dirty with his other love yesterday

My husband has a second love. She's my complete opposite, she's dirty where I am clean, she's rough where I am gentle, she's lumpy where I am well, lumpy. This love and I have an understanding, she can have my Corey for a day here and there if she promises to return him to me with a big smile and he has to shower again before he gets back into my bed.

This past weekend Corey was able to spend time doing this love, and he was able to bring his brothers and a whole bunch of friends from our church.
They went four wheelin'. Had ya a little concerned for a moment didn't I.
Corey, Scott and Travis were able to head out to West Harrison yesterday with the four wheelin' club at our church and enjoy the beautiful weather, good company and mud. They crawled on rocks

The dragged their under carriages on big bolders

They had the kind of fun that makes Corey smile for a month. We've had Scott, Chelsea, Chloe and Travis here for the weekend. When the weekend is over and the photos are edited I will post about the wonderful time we've had! For now I'll leave you with a video of Corey with his other love:

Four Wheelin' April 25 from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.

Great video Scott! The puddle of barf on the floor is proof that it makes us feel like we were actually there.
And for those of you south of the border views, notice - no snow, no igloos!


Anonymous said...

What a great weekend, we had a great time. My Husband has that same smile. He Thanks Corey for sharing "His Love" with him lol.

It is always wonderful to see you but I have to say this time was one of the bests! You have Beautiful Children and I am so glad to be there Auntie!

We will be back so soon. we had such a great time!
Love you tons!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys... Corey...oh my gawsh. Ummm I think I will only watch videos..umm don't think I will venture out with you. hahah I am SO HAPPY that you had a great time!!!! Love ya dear guy. Hugs