Monday, April 20, 2009

In my Daughter's Eyes*

There is something about the relationship between fathers and daughters that holds a little bit of magic. It's right there in his eyes. The next time you see your father or watch your husband with your little girl watch his eyes, it's right there next to the mischievous gleam - the twinkle. Now, it's not to say that a son doesn't put a sparkle in his father's eye also but it more resembles that mischievous gleam.

For his daughter a man will have a tea party, wear pink, waltz around your living room and refer to his boxers as panties (that may or may not happen in this house to humor B). The hardest of men become the largest piles of gooey pink stuff.

Think this post is going to be about Corey and his girls? Nope, it's not. While he is so very blessed to have two daughters to sparkle in his eyes, and they are fortunate to have him at their side, that's not who I'm talking about.

You see, before I had daughters, I had a father. A man who has for 25 years been my pillar of strength. I have lived for his approval, I have cried at the prospect of being a disappointment in his eyes. As a small girl I can remember choking back salt and vinegar chips and Coke just to be like him, so he'd like me. I blame the fact that my now love for those two things contributed to 10lbs gained in the later high school years, on him also - just kidding. He was my hockey buddy for 3 years, listening endlessly to be babble on and on, and on and on in the manner that only I can do about a "stupid ref", or a bad play, tavelled to many a far arena with me and taught me what off-side really is. He ventures into a mall each Christmas to shop for my Mom but really for me. He takes the pains to his poor knees, and the ridiculous insanity that is Christmas for me, so that he can come into a world that I love.

My favorie photo of us ever.

Not only was he my hero as a little girl but he's quickly becoming one of the most important men in my daughters lives, second only to Corey. If Bethany has an imaginary phone converstation it's almost always with Papa, she can be heard telling Audrey to "Say Papa!" and when we walk into my parents home she'll say "Hi Grammy, where's Papa?". Audrey too has a special bond with her Papa, she'll settle for him better than for my Mom, she cooes and smiles and I'm sure will be chiming in on saying Papa in no time.

My Dad is an amazing Man, if you know him, then you'll know that. I am grateful for him each and everyday. He also has an amazing gift - the things he can create with wood, tools and his hand are breath taking. My most cherished gift ever is the hope chest he built for me when I was 16 (photos to come later, when I clear off the clean laundry and clean up our bedroom, ahem I have to child mmmkay?), next to that is the beautiful change table he built for Bethany before she was born and now the one that he has made for Audrey. It is gorgeous, not only the most beautiful piece of furniture that each of my daughters have, but a gift that holds beauty, love and legacy. Take a look...

Thank you Papa for the beautiful change table. And thank you Dad for the years of love, friendship and life lessons. If I can be to my children, half the person you've been to me, my life will be a success.

*If you haven't heard the song In My Daughter's Eyes by Martina McBride you are missing out. It's the song I danced with my Dad to at our wedding, it is beautiful.


Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Oh wow, does Bethany ever look like you as a baby!!!

What a great tribute to your dad!

Anonymous said...

I love that pic of you and Daddy Honey. Ohhhh you have grown too fast. And yes for sure you and Bethany look so much a like. And in another way you and Audrey look a like. Hey Jackie, I bet you can see how Corey and Bethany look a like just like you probably can with Audrey. These girls are so like Mommy and Daddy.

I read your post to Dad tonight. He wants to talk to you.. all I am gonna say is we both used a few tissue. :) Love you dear

Mom / Grammy