Monday, May 18, 2009

The May Long

Quite simply, we've had a great long weekend. The sun has shone, we've had time together as a family and I even forced myself out into the garden (that's a whole different story). Because there is still one day left in the weekend and I don't want to spend it chained to my keyboard this is going to be a shorty to share the photos thus far. We've got friends coming for dinner tonight so I'm sure there will be more to come but for now...

Bethany and Grammy did something very special together on Saturday. They planted her Sweetpeas. This is the first year that Beth has been old enough to really help.

She has really taken to the gardening thing and thoroughly enjoys being outside.

Audrey hanging out with my Grammie, her Great Grammie! I see so much Hobbis (my Mom's side) in Audrey's face.

Both Great Grammie and Great Pa with our Audrey.
We headed out on Sunday to Harrison Lake to spend the afternoon enjoying sunshine and fresh air. Both girls loved the chance to be outside somewhere new.

This is probably my new favorite photo of Beth. She was so very happy to be there.

And I love this one of Cor and B.

And this one too, minus Bethany's elbow.

This was the best shot I could get of the three of them. "Um Beth, LOOK at Mommy."

" Ok, let's try 1 more time....Is that a no?"

Happy May Long everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Happy may Long wish that we got to spend it with you guys! Such a Beautiful Family you have Ash...all of them!