Saturday, May 9, 2009

Two Women we Salute!

Over the past 3 years this blog has become my personal emotional outlet. It's where I vent my feelings, share my joys, brag about the fact that I most certainly have the worlds greatest daughters and where I give those of you who choose to visit a glimpse into my life and our world. And because it's me who pounds away at the keyboard and composes blog after blog it quite often tends to include my thoughts and feelings. And while for the most part they reflect those of my family they aren't always inclusive of some of the things the other half of my heart wants to say. Meaning, Corey's got a voice too (although his brother Scott may not know that) !

Today is Mother's day and there are two very special women that we want to salute. Two women who most certainly deserve every ounce of recogonition, gratitude and love we can muster up today. So what you'll find here is love for both our Mom's, from both our hearts and a tiny window into why we love them so much....

To Mom K,

Happy Mother's Day! I wish we were together today to enjoy the day, celebrating you. I miss you lots and can't wait to see you on our family weekend! I just want to thank you for being my Mom and for being there through it all. Thank you for the experiences you shared with us boys and helping us to live a fullfilled life that we can now share with our kids. I just want to share a video that my wife created for you and for me to show you how much you are loved. Remembering some of our old memories and anticipating the new ones to come.

Corey's Mom from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.

Love you,

Corey and Family too!

To Mom G,

10 years ago I stood on this day a daughter who loved her mother and wanted to express that love. Today I'm here still a daughter who loves her mom, and still wanting to show that love but also a mother who loves her daughters and a woman overwhelmed with the gift I've been given. Mom, not until the day my Bethy was born did I understand the great gift you gave me in your heart. I know now the true meaning of a Mother's love and it's all encompassing greatness. Because of you I know how to love my girls with reckless abandon, I know that it is possible to survive a 'Tude (I'm still alive aren't I?), I know who I want to be and who I don't, I know that God is ultimately in control and more than anything else I know that whether it's a good or bad day, a happy or sad story, a win or a loss, the first person I want to call is you, and I can always come home.

I hope in my eyes you'll see you, that you'll know who you are to me, to my daughters and to this family. I hope that in my love for my girls you'll know it's heart begins with you, and that it's because you love us kids like you do that I know how to love my girls like I do. And I hope in this video you'll see not only the past memories of us together, but the woman that you are to me. You are truely my greatest friend, the woman I aspire to be (with my own modifications of course, I mean I may look like you but Cloning is so yesterday) and a Grammy like no other.

My Mother my Friend from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

We love you!


Ashley and the Gang


Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much,
In all the tears I am shedding right now, I thank you with all the love I can muster up. God has so blessed me with loving boys and now with loving daughters and granddaughters, I am so abundantly blessed. I thank God for all of you. I can't wait to give you all the biggest hugs of love very soon.May God always abundantly bless you as he has blessed me! I love and miss you all, Mom Kimmie

Anonymous said...

Well, things have calmed down. Now I can sit and write to you.
First of all thank you so much for the love your both have obviously poured into the words on the screen. The words alone touched my heart so deeply... but the video. Oh my. Ashley reliving life with you and Dustin being so little and the thoughts of you growing up are the joy of my life. I love being your Mom Honey. When God had me put on this earth I believe it was to pour my love over you and Dustin and those that would be part of you and then of course your babies. You are a wonderful Mom and Corey a wonderful Dad. I am so very proud of both of you and love to see you all together loving, laughing and playing. Tears have poured pretty hard here and the screen is blurry. I love you guys and you guys teach me things on a daily basis too... Love so much each time I get to spend with my kids and the joy that fills my heart.

I love you all so very much
Mom / Grammy