Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The First Annual...

*** I accidentally deleted this the first time. I managed to recover most of it but lost the photo captions and sorry Danielle your comment was lost!***

This weekend was the very first ever Stone/Manz/Kimmie Family Birthday Weekend. It is something that we've all talked about for the past few years and this year Corey and I decided enough gum flappin' and let's get some action. So it was planned, it was executed and it was hopefully enjoyed. There are 3 little girls who deserve to have wonderful memories with their family and we all decided to make that a reality and to give them something to look forward to each year.

We have tons of excellent pictures from this weekend and although in true Ashley Fashion I could talk for 3 days and tell you all the sordid details right down to Audrey's serious lack of BM's I won't. Because you see, I'd rather you be concious to see my favorite moments. That and I'm too tired to keep typing, I pulled a crap load of horsetail from my garden tonight and even my fingers hurt.

Anyways, thanks Uncle Travis, Uncle Wyatt, Uncle Scott, Auntie Chelsea, Chloe, Grandpa and Grandma for making the weekend what it was. We love you all and are looking forward to next year.

I'm pretty sure they told her if she dug deep enough she'd find gold.

They lied.
We only believe in feeding our guests food of the plastic variety.

Sorry Audrey, are we boring you?

I love this photo! Look at her eyes!

Chloe says, "HONK!"

It's hard to believe they are 3 months apart. Can you tell who's older?

"I'm here for you Audrey."
Auntie Chelsea and the babies.
Uncle Wyatt.

Uncle Travis, maybe he is half ape. (Great photo Auntie C)

"Hey Grandma, I can see your boogers" She didn't actually say it then but quite often Beth can be heard commenting on someone's boogers. Niiiice.

Uncle Scott. Not the best photo but proof he was here too!


"Once Upon a Time...."


Anonymous said...

Looks like an amazing weekend. Ashley I know you worked hard to get ready with cooking and cleaning and baking. Making special little gifts etc all took a lot of time. You are married into another family and I love how you love them. It is fun as your Mom watching you do things in a special way for the family of the one you love almost more than life. You and Corey honor God hugely in the way you love each other, your children and all of us your extended family. The unit you both have created with God's guidance is an example for your girls when the day comes they get married. Ohh boy that just made me feel pretty old. haha. The pictures are amazing I can't believe how much Chloe and Audrey look a like!!! Bethany is going to be a good big sister and big cousin to both girls.

Love you both and of course Bethany and Audrey too...looks like everyone was having fun and once again you both did a great job in extending love in your home.

Anonymous said...

Thank you soooo much for your amazing hard work in making this weekend so incredible! Myself and My family appreciated it and had a ton of fun! We Love being around you guys and can't wait for many more visits! Your Hard work is FULLY appreciated from this end and remember im only a phone call away!! You are an amazing person and I love you!
Thank you Corey for being a great brother in law and to my neices for being so special to me. I Love you all!