Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm Falling

I have this thing, a website that I visit, that shows me all of my feeds. Not all of the people I need to feed and when - that one I've got covered (Audrey, Bethany, Corey, Audrey, Bethany, Corey, Audrey, Bethany,Corey - gee I feel like I'm missing someone....) but it's actually a a website that allows you to subscribe to all of your favorite blogs and keep them listed in one place. When someone does a new post, it shows on your feed reader and you click on it and voila! No more clicking through 40 blogs looking for new material to read. It's stupendous and I love it, you should check it out and then subscribe!

Anyways, I was checking my feed reader yesterday and there was a post up by Angella over at Dutch Blitz talking about the arrival of fall. About how for the most part she's feeling a little down in the pooper about the whole turn of events and how she's trying to see the good and not focus on the fact that after Fall comes Winter.

And while I'm sorry that it sucks to be her or my poor Mom (who suffers horribly with the cold), during the autumn and winter months, I am ECSTATIC!

I don't particularly love summer, in fact I resent that summer causes sweat and needs sunscreen (which always causes sunscreen zits. To which I succumb because a few pimples is better than skin cancer. Why is it some people are so daft about the need for sunscreen?) I don't like needing to wear so few clothes or the idea of a swim suit. I do love that the days are longer and well, it's sunny, but that's it.

Anyways, I could down to fall it's my very favorite season, with spring a close second. In an effort to cheer up those depressed by the nearing of September 22 and because I have an intense need to put everything into a list here are the top 10 reasons I ♥ Fall:

10. The leaves are changing color and falling off, and the grass growth is slowing down. Whoot! Less lawn mowing.

9. The flowers are dying. WAHOO - no more stinkin' gardening. No watering, no weeding, no pruning, no worrying that your house will look sloppy if you don't do something about the 6' weed at the front of your garden.

8. You can still take excellent outdoor photos of your uber adorable children. No sweat worries or snow storms to interfere

7. Pumpkins and awesome new treats at Starbucks

6. The notion that Christmas and thus Christmas tunes are right around the corner. Mariah comes out October 1st and by October 31st White Christmas will inevitably be the new bedtime lullaby.

5. It's not summer.

4. Hockey season begins! Go Langley Chiefs and I guess the Bruins too!

3. Fall clothes are awesome! Sweaters and jeans, leather jackets and healed boots. And they are excellent to hide your problem area or areas (or body in my case)

2. Because of reason #2 you no longer need to shave your leg, armpits, other areas once a day. It can now be once a week, or once a month, nobody will know. (Well your husband will know but hey, you've been married a few years and have 2 kids - Honeymoons over babe)

1. The sun is shining, the days are cool and the air well it lacks that cow poo aroma that is present the rest of the year!

What do you love about Fall?

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