Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Great Adventures of SuperMom!

"Hi. My Name is Ashley and I'm a comment addict."

"Hi Ashley" said in unison, by a group of haggard looking people, Blackberries/laptops, PDA's in hand, sitting in a circle, in a dimly lit church basement.*

Yes, I'm willing to admit I love comments as much as Donald Trump loves a comb over. I'm not ashamed, to say it. I don't seek great amounts of attention in other areas of my live (well, except maybe from my husband but he made that decision all on his own - I have the ring to prove it), I'm not a super social girl - I'd much rather spend time with 1 or 2 really great friends rather than a room full of acquaintances. In fact I beg my family not to surprise me with visits or parties because those big groups of people make me nervous, anxiously and just plain sweaty.

So when I started this blog, I didn't think that the comments would matter to me. I had no idea that the number of hits on my "hit counter" would be so high on my priority list and that I'd wait with baited breath to read what ya'll have to say. But I do.

I also love the fact that the bloggers who's space I read and comment on are becoming friends. And the prospect that I'll meet more people through this wonderful venue is exciting.

Remember when I was asked to guest post over at Mamapedia? Well I was sooooo stoked that it happened and then that ya'll actually went over and read it and left a comment WHOOT! Anyways, I've been a member over a BlogHer for a long time now and finally decided to put a post up over there that I drafted the wake that followed this post.

This post - The Great Adventures of SuperMom that I posted over at BlogHer is one that I really enjoyed writing. In putting it together, I gained some perspective on life. (Profound? Yes, I guess so...)
Anyways, I'd really love it if you went over took a read and then came back and commented! Or commented there and here! Whatever you'd like or have time for. I know it's vain but please? (Insert: Silly cheesy grin here.)
If you're feeling shy and the idea of delurking is making you nauseous why don't you post anonymous and tell me the 1 thing you most love/hate about Fall!
*Please note that is was not at all an jab at AA or any other type of addict groups, but rather an effort to lighten the mood (my Mom keeps complaining I make her cry) and to mimic a bad sitcom episode.


Anonymous said...

Ashley, your children think and know you are super Mom. And as for your Mom. She is proud of the super Mom, Wife and Friend you are. You are a beautiful woman dear and one I am very proud of .
Love you

Kristina said...

Hey Ashley!
Sorry I haven't been around to comment much lately. I do think about you and your blog during the day though (yes I get withdrawl), but because I have such limited internet access it's so difficult now! So know that WHEN I get time time, I check your blog out :)
I saw the video of Audrey, and WOW has she grown!!! She looks ALOT like you :) Beautiful little one.
OHHH and my email addy has changed by the way, so you can just email the old one, and I will email you the new one. LOL Yeah that makes sense :)
Okay say hi to everyone!

Leila said...

Flushing a cloth down the toilet, eh? hehe I think every 20-something-just-moved-outta-my-parents-place person has done something along those lines. I have a friend (who shall remain annonymous as you know her) who couldn't figure out why her downstairs toilet had to be deemed unusable to guests. Turns out she'd been flushing paper towel and doggy doo down there... So you're not alone! hehe
Always good to read your blog. Brings a smile to my face (even if it makes your mum cry!)