Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Because he never let's go first

I've mentioned before on 1 or 100 occasions that I love my husband. I have told the tale of our wedding or created a large pile of mushy goodness, talking about how in love with him I am. I'm sure on many of the previously mentioned moments you have thought to yourself, "Awww, that's sweet. I'm so glad their happy, let me just leave a comment and.... GAG!"

To you I would say, "Ya ya, suck it up!" I would also like to say, if your gag reflex is sensitive or you are pregnant, and morning sickness is looking like it's going to be your lot in life, this post is not for you. It's gonna be all kinds of pink bunnies, fluffy clouds and will have the gooiness of a sat on Caramilk bar.

I've told the tale of how Corey and I met, about our first date on the back of the Sea Doos and that when I looked at him sometimes I sweat (I mean I swear, yes I did sweat too but that's another post all together) ahem, I swear there were moments I could see what his eyes will look like aged in kindness, full of love at 60 years old and I just to be there for that. And you've all see the pictures so it's quite obvious that his smile and sheer hotness were another deciding factor.

But I've neglected to mention one of the other BIG reasons I fell in love with this man, something I believe will keep me in love with him for 1 million days past forever - the way he hugs me. The first time he hugged me is one of those memories that remains as fresh in your memory as the first time it happened.

He'd come over to watch a movie, ransacked my cupboards (on his very first visit to my house, while I was in the washroom) looking for tea, gave me heck for not having milk in my fridge and was there to hang out. The time came for him to leave, and as I walked him to the door he turned, to hug me. It was in that moment a totally new definition to "the hug" was created in my vocabulary.

Not because he tried to cop a feel of my butt (he didn't try that - then), it wasn't because it was the first real physical contact we had or that I thought he was hot 'n stuff (I do). It was because the second his arms came around me I felt at peace, I felt loved (even if it did take 2 weeks to hear that from him...after I said it first!) and I felt protected. And as great as those things are they aren't even the kicker, the winning goal.

No, my touchdown moment came when we had hugged for about 3 seconds (the maximum length any guy had hugged me, before either trying to cop said feel or getting bored) I was preparing for the awkward release/push away. I waited and I waited and I waited.

It never came, and he never let go.

It remains the same today as it was then. Corey never let's go first. Not once, in the whole 4 years we've been together have I hugged that man and has he let go of me before I've finally let go of him. He always holds onto me as if it's the last time I'll be in his arms and like he's trying with all his might to absorb me in, all the while making me feel like he's giving everything he has in that one, simple gesture.

And it's not just me he does that with. He holds/hugs our girls the same. Sometimes I'll watch him, hug Beth after coming home from work (being pummeled by her at the door "HI DAD! How was your work a-day?") she'll be kicking her legs squirming to get down before he'll ever let go. In his own sweet, unknowing way Corey's teaching our girls something really awesome about love, about a father's love, and The Father's love and to me that's unbelievably attractive.

As time has gone on, I've found more things about him that I love, admire, need. I have also found things I don't always like, things that I don't always agree with and things that drive me nuts (he doesn't hardly talk to me, between being a man of few words, and my being well a woman who doesn't just have many words but rather one who spews them forth at a rapid rate, and two children who take most of our time together up with their own chatter and needs there isn't much time for talking. But, turn a movie or TV show on and he doesn't SHUT UP! "No, I don't know what happened, I've been watching the same show you are. If you would keep your trap closed for 2.2 seconds maybe we could both catch up!" love ya babe).

And still, of all of the wonderful things I've learned, love and admire - his hugs still remain my favorite. Not just to receive but to remember to give. Because if I can give someone else the kind of soul warming hug that he gives me, then hopefully I've made their day a little better. Well, that or I've creeped them out completely. Either way, I win :)

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Kami's Khlopchyk said...

I love this! Hugs are by far my favourite thing too and I am like Corey, I never want to let go. My kids like to kick and scream but I don't care! I am holding on tight because someday, like around age 10, they won't want to hug me at all anymore!