Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sorry, did you say 3?

January 2007 - coming home for the first time.
With the turning of a New Year we also have the turning of our biggest little girl.  3 years ago today, I was in labour with Bethany, comfortable for the moment thanks to the joy that is the epidural, waiting for a beautiful baby to be born.  2 years ago today, I stood marvelling at how my baby had grown, thinking that I was already seeing signs of a big girl in there, she was 1 and that was incredible.  1 year ago today, I had a 2 year old for the very first time.  I was feeling a little less celebratorial because I just desperately wanted the new baby we were waiting on to "Get out already" but still couldn't believe how time had flown by again.

January 2008
Now here we are a year from then and the little girl I thought was so big has grown even more.  This past year has brought on change after change,  she's a big sister now and a darn good one too, she speaks in full sentences now, using past and present tense correctly (most of the time, which by the way makes me thrilled, yay grammar!), her tempertantrums while still present have subsided, her kind nature has flourished - she remembers those we've told her are sick and she reminds us to pray for them each and every day, she's funny, in that dead pan humour way.  Most of all she's my buddy, I enjoy my time with her more and more, we shop together, read together, bake together, and laugh together.  She's my first, and while I love her and my beautiful Audrey equally with my whole heart, our love and relationships are different.  And for that I'm glad, there is no other Bethany, no other "Big Girl 'Tone", not in my life.  And for that I'm glad!

January 2009
Happy Birthday, sweet girl!  We love you!  Here's this last year in photos, this is only a snipit of the photos I have but some of my absolute favorites.

Bethany's 3! from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.

December 2009


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday my dear Sweet Pea!!! Oh Grammy and Papa love you so much Honey. How exciting, you are 3. Jesus has given all of us someone special in our life, YOU. Thank you for being such a good girl and remember. You will always be my Little Sweet Pea.

Love always
Grammy and Papa

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Happy Birthday Bethany! It's so fun to watch them change and grow and man does it happen fast. Hope you had a great day with your girl.