Sunday, January 3, 2010

Can you say All Terrain Vehicle?

Meeting and marrying Corey has opened up new worlds to me.  I've learned that the oil in your car doesn't start out black (I know, right?!  It's actually yellowy clear to start with.), I've learned that just because it's called a Sea Doo doesn't mean you have to put it in the sea, I now know that tea and ice cream are kind of like caesar salad and ketchup - they're best friends and one should not be consumed without the other and I've learned that while I'm a  I-hate-to-be-ditry-don't-like-to-wear-practical-shoes-instead-of-pretty-ones-I'm-not-an-outdoorsy-kind-of-girl I have been on a quad and actually liked it (gasp!).

Our third date was on the back of a quad, way back when.  Corey had phoned me and told me he'd arranged a surprise date for me and to wear comfortable clothes (which to a girl who'd just started dating a hot guy translates as the new jeans that look old and comfy but make your butt look stellar and a top that is causally hot outfit).  I was imagining a nice evening out, maybe a movie or a walk along the lake in Kelowna.  I did my hair, I did my make up and when Corey arrived I was thrilled (he always came to the door to get me).  Then I walked outside.

There, in my driveway was a truck with a quad in the back.  My stomach sunk and everything I'd imagined dissolved into dread. 

"Great.  He's picking the wrong girl.  First a Sea Doo, now a quad.  What next?  Dirt under my fingernails?!"  Keep in mind, I was already in love with him, I was already thinking of forever and this moment felt like my forever was moving into impossible.

Anyways, I said nothing, hopped into the truck and continued in nervous fashion to chatter his ear off for an entire 45 minute drive upto our unloading point.

He handed me a helmet, completely with gingerbread man stickers and I groaned inwardly again.

"A helmet?!  Don't you know I don't ride a bike because helmets wreck hair doos?!  Do you have any idea how unsexy I'm going to look with a big red mark on my forehead?"

He unloaded, I climbed on and off we went.  It was awesome!  I had a blast, my shoes got flithy but I had fun.  I spent the 2 hours having a wonderful time but feeling like an idiot, my head kept banging against Corey's over each bump we went and I was sure he'd be annoyed.

He wasn't, instead, he stopped, smiled and pulled out his camera.  Brownie point # 5 (at that point as many as he was earning he was losing making me do all this new stuff.  I DO NO like to try new things!).  And from that stop came one of my favorite photos of us.

Corey grew up riding ATV's.  He and Scott had a 50cc machine that they learned to ride and as the years passed and they grew, so did the size of their quads.  They had hours of fun, adventures, accidents and memories made.  While I was looking for the above photo I stumbled upon some video footage of them that I had forgotten about, one of these days I'll edit it and share, but for today I have a different point.

When Corey and I stumbled upon a little electric quad at a garage sale this summer he had to snap it up.  Just like his Dad dreamed of his boys having ATV's Corey has dreamed that same dream for his girls.  It's been the best $10 we ever spent.  Bethany has spent tons of time booting around the long hallways in our house playing.  It's been fun to watch, but the most fun started just before Christmas.

While putting up our Christmas tree Corey plopped Audrey on the mini quad to keep her busy.  Not expecting at all for this to happen

Quads from Ashley Stone on Vimeo.

I can't even tell you how much we laughed.  Neither of us expected our 11 month old baby to be skilled in the All Terrain Vehicle department!  Can you imagine what she'll be like in a few years?

This Christmas, Corey's Dad was able to come out and spend a few days with us.  It was nice to have him and the kids had a blast playing with their Grandpa.  This trip for Bert was a special one, not only because he got to visit his son and granddaughters, but also because he had a gift for Corey that he's waited a long time to share.

Bethany seeing the new ATV for the first time.

Grandpa arrived with a quad for our family.  We were so surprised!  It's a 110cc and while it looks like a full size machine it's designed for kids.  It has a run along strap attached to a kill switch for when they are learning to drive.

It'll be a few years until either of our kids will be allowed to ride it.  But in the mean time their Daddy will get good use out of this gift.  Not only just because of the fun he'll have but the memories it will create.

Thank you Grandpa, for the gift, for the fun and for the visit!  We love you.


Anonymous said...

That is an amazing gift!!! waaa hooo you will all have so much fun. Love the picture of the four of them. Proud grandpa and Dad, and I don't think it had anything to do with the quad :)

Thanks for sharing!
Mom / Grammy

Anonymous said...

Lovely Blog...I am weepy just reading captured the whole meaning ..I was actually looking at the same photo of you and Corey on Monday morning at the store and thinking I should send it to you (like you dont have a copy..but just in case) for exactually the same reason....what a wonderful memory that made...and what wonderful memory (momories...tons and tons) Grandpa wants you to have in the out he has his eyes on sea he (small idy bidy ones to start)

Cant wait to see the Stoners large and small on their bikes for a group photo....we will find baby helmets I promise.

Im printing this now and leaving it for Granpa to see when he wakes up....he is gonna cry...I just know it.....Thanks.....Love you

Us....the vernon contingent..

Kimmies said...

We love the picture of the two of you on the big quad. The pictures of the girls and Dad and grandpa is great. We are sure you all will get great use out of the gift. We had a great visit and look forward to many more. God bless you all.
Love John/grandpa & Mom/grandma