Sunday, January 10, 2010

Top 10 Google Searches of 2009

So I was thinking the other day (because I do that sometimes.  Usually while I'm changing a diaper, talking on the phone and telling Bethany to "SIT ON YOUR TUSHIE if you want to eat that...") that I never really did anything to celebrate the New Year here at Our Family Stone.

No there is no New Year Giveaway.  Sorry folks, but I will say, there are freebies a comin' this year.  You'll have to stay tuned, you never know when they'll pop up!

I don't make New Year's Resolutions.  In my mind they are an excuse for people to

a) delay the action eg. - Dec 10 2009 "I'm going to quit smoking as my New Year's Resolution" but until then you'll smoke like a chimney.  or Dec 10 2009 "I'm going on a diet as my New Year's Resolution, so I can have a few treats until then" meanwhile you gain an extra 10lbs from all your treats and wind up further behind than if you'd started now (ahem, no that's not personal experience talking).

b) statistics show that many New Year's Resolutions go down the crapper by February 1st.  So why set myself up to fail?  I'm a stubborn girl if I want to do it, I do it now why wait and if I don't want to do it, I either don't or stop doing it now, because again, why wait?

Don't get me wrong if you're about the resolution and it's your motivation, "Whoot for you!" but me, not so much.

I don't enjoy the New Year's Eve thing, I don't drink so theirs no drunk to do, thus no hangover to have.  I don't like big parties, lots of people scare me (you laugh, I don't kid) and midnight is exhausting when you've been chasing the engergizer bunny on crack all day!

If all of the above turn your crank, all the power to ya and I hope you have fun and stick with it.  I'm not judging, I'm just not partaking.

I am however happy it's 2010, we're 10 years past the Millenium, our computers figured out that it was 2000 nobody was stuck with 1900, there was no "bug" and we all survived.  I'm not so thrilled about the Olympics but hey, at least they'll be over soon. 

But 2009 wasn't so bad, in fact it was pretty sweet.  I got unpregnant!  YAY!  Oh and we had Audrey!  We had  birthdays and holidays, good memories and lousy ones.  All in all , pretty sweet!  So what to do, what to do.

And then it hit me like a slobbery soother upside the head (Audrey's got a wicked arm)

I'll post about the top 10 Google searches of 2009.  The lists abound, there are all sorts of lists, Fastest Rising Searches, Fastest Falling searches, blah, blah.  Then I found the one that combined them all here they are, I'll give you my take on the answers.  Know why this is so awesome?  It's a list, that's why! 

10.  Lady Gaga - Who?  Maybe that means I live under a rock but I may have just helped make her the top search of 2010 too because I had to Google who she is.  Apparently she sings.

9. Farrah Fawcett - And while most of you think the the Charlie's Angels with Cameron Diaz was the original and had to Google, good ol' Farrah, I know who she is.  A pivitol figure in history, her smile won the hearts of many, her body won their other parts and her acting was superb.  She also defined the long shag haircut, those flips will be remembered forever. 

8. Natasha Richardson - Another actress, one I didn't know, but who had a tragic accident and passed away.  She was married to Liam Neeson, another dude I had to Google.

7. Paranormal Phenomena - You know ghosts, hauntings, spooky garbage and when I Googled it, it was all "look into my eyes" and "gaze into my crystal ball" for the many who seriously searched it.  For me I'm like, "Meh, God's got it covered, I'll take a pass.  Thanks."

6. Glee -  Is like someone drop kicked Grease into this century (I was gonna say the 20th century and then I thought "Is that right?" so then maybe the 21st, hmm still confused.  I Googled it and I'm still blurry, care to clarify), added some better music, fed it some caffeine and there you have it, Glee.  A music geeks heaven, sigh.

5. Hi5 - I saw this and thought, "Oh, I know them, they're a kids show.  They dance and sing, and this dude says "ChubChub" " .  As true as that is, apparently it's also a social networking thing.  *shrugs* I dunno, I just finally succumbed to Facebook

4. Hulu - Another Google moment, apparently it's a Free TV/Movie central.  I will have to check this out when I'm finished googling.  I like Free, I love Free in fact.

3. Facebook - I got to this one and was thrilled!  Finally, something I know.  But seriously who Googles Facebook, it's, not so tough.  And once you're logged on, if you're like the other 3 billion people out there (exaggeration I think) you're addicted and who has time to search for it, they're too engrossed in it!  It's a vacuum vortex of nothingness, with a dash of somethingness.  Just enough to keep you hooked, not enough to leave you feeling intellegent....

2. Michael Jackson - This did and didn't surprise me.  He died this year.  And while I think he was weird, creepy and out there, it's still sad.  He defined music as we know it.  It's because of men like Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra (I ♥ Frank) and Elvis Prestley (I don't know how to do a cute little gag symbol, but ya, that's how I feel about "The King") that music is what it is.  The good part not the, naked women, gang banger, gonna repeat the same 4 words 200 times part.  He also sang things like "I'll Be There", "ABC" and "Man in the Mirror".  I understand why people searched him, he may be gone but I highly doubt he'll  be forgotten any time soon.

1. Twitter -  This took me by surprise.  One because I knew what it was, and actually I twitter (ourfamilystone, follow us, it could be enlightening.  Or boring, you'll have to take that chance) and two because social networking held 3 places on the list this year.  That's HUGE!  The social networking world has revolutionized life for the SAHM (Stay at Home Mom), blogging, places like Mamapedia, Facebook, Twitter and apparently Hi5 have opened up the world to the SAHM again, we're no longer alone.  It also means, that while we are there, so are millions and millions of other people.  Including P. Diddy (if that's what they're calling him now, or Puffy or Piddle, whatever), Ellen DeGeneres and Miley Cyrus.  And while I do occasionally tweet (that's what it's called, tweeting, I'd call it twittering but noooo, that wouldn't make any sense at all), mostly to keep record of funny things that I'm bound to forget, I don't follow very many at all.  And I only check on occasion, I want to know what the people I  know/care about are upto.  But I don't have time to worry about Ellen's laundry or P Diddy's need for coffee at 3am (I made those up, I have no idear what they Tweet), it doesn't float my boat, but hey, if you're a stalker or a papparazi your job just got way easier! 

A few honorable mentions in the search field...

Jon and Kate - If you know who they are, and you watched their show you have an opinion.  Also, if you didn't watch their show  but have glanced at a magazine rack you know who they are and again probably have an opinion.  I did watch, I do have one.  Kate, although a hard ass sometimes was one rockin' Mom.  She did things I wouldn't, she talked to Jon like I hope I never talk to Corey,  but she loves her kids, she manages a life I couldn't even imagine and while her haircut was a little strange, she still has it all (her hair that is).  That to me makes her a hero, I mean if THIS could make me feel balding, imagine that x4? (2x4 = 8)  And I think Jon, who didn't seem too lame on the show is a self centered jerk, who should pull out the hair plugs, dump the 20 something and focus on the people that matter, his kids.

Swine Flu - All the hype, all the fear and it didn`t even make the top 10.  Some pandemic, I don't regret the shots though.

Rihanna - Leave her alone, she was in an abusive relationship.  She was the victim, she made a poor choice going back for awhile but until you're there you don't know.  Don't judge her, and unless you're Googling her to find the lyrics to that Umbrella song because it's driving you mad to only know ♪ You can stand under my umbrella - ella- ella -ella♪ search something else.  She screwed up, so do you, aren't you glad I don't Google and oogle all your mistakes?

Hope you found that fun, what did you search this year?  And what did you find?


Danielle said...

I love reading your blogs...wish I could do it too...

Anonymous said...

That picture made me jealous in the 70's and does today...the one of Farrah ... she was a gorgeous lady. One that didn't get enough credit in her death for her contribution of her life. She played an abused wife one time I think the show was the burning mattress or something like that. She was incredible!!! Anyways, good post Honey.

Love ya
Mom / Grammy