Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cindy's Wobblog Giveaway!

Remember when I told you about my good ol' Buddy Cindy? We'll she's also the buddy who's pregnant. And...she's also the author of a new and fantastic blog! That's right, she's joined the blogosphere and is writing over at Cindy's Wobblog, yay!

Wanna know what else she's been up to?

For as long as I can remember Cindy has been painting. I'm pretty sure that if you cut her she'd bleed pretty pastel paint, or maybe vibrant and exuberant colors, that's how deep the painting vein runs in her. And over the past few years she's taken that love from being just a hobby but also a business. Or at least the start of one. She's held her very first art show! Provided my daughters with beautiful paintings for their rooms (which I will take photos of and post at a later date, their sleeping right now and may not appreciate the flash), has opened and Etsy shop aaaannnnd has made a donation.

That's right, Cindy has donated a beautiful painting for a GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Hurrah! That's right something for free and YOU can win it.

The painting is cute enough that I may have considered keeping it. Corey may also have reminded me that Cindy reads my blog and visits my home and would know if I didn't follow through and the whole give it to someone else thing.


This photo embodies what I thought our lives would be when we grew up. Sitting around visiting over coffee (and when I say coffee what I really mean is tea for me because, well, coffee is blech!) talking about life, our marriages, our kids, the fact that Starbucks has been out of Earl Grey for like over a month and I'm starting to show signs of withdrawl.

Unfortunately we don't live next door to each other like I imagined, but that's ok. Our friendship transcends distance, it can be a day or a year since we've visited and when we're together it's as though nothing has changed. When it comes to our friendship, all I can say is God is Good.

"Yay for you, get to the point, I want the Picture" I know that's what your saying!

So here's how you win.

1. Go over to her Etsy shop! Take a look at the lovely photos over there, then come back and let me know what you love! Let me know your favourite, or better yet, let me know what you'd order if you were ordering a custom picture. She does that you know, custom orders, well worth it!

2. Blog about the contest, include a link to my blog and a link to her Etsy shop, then pop back over here and let me know you did it (I'm sure there is some fancy, shmancy blog way of knowing that without you telling me but I'm just not that smart).

I will draw the winner on Friday April 16 2010 at Noonish (I say ish, because you all know how the best laid plans go....)

Thanks Cindy for the donation and congratulations on your blog, your Etsy shop and your continued success!


kim @ mommyknows said...

I like the winter skates! My 11 year old loves winter and I think she'd love this.

Mya said...

I like the "calm seas" and if I was custom ordering I would do a race track with colourful cars on it. would go great in my sons room.