Monday, May 10, 2010

I already did!

Work for Corey is still a little on the busy side, and when I say a little I mean he's working on average 12 hour days, some as long as 14 hours. He's up and gone before the kids are out of bed and some days he's not back until they are asleep. It has had it's moments were a serious toll is being taken on all parties involved.

But for the most part, we are still in the land of "We're so grateful for work we're not going to complain" and we're trucking along. The kids and I have developed a slightly different routine, but all in all we're making it "normal".

There is one part however that is not so normal, my dear husband's energy level. While it's a natural response to working as long and as hard as he is, I'm not used to him being so tired. HE's not so used to being that tired. He comes home most evenings, has dinner, plays with the girls for an hour if they're still up, has a shower (because he's so dirty there is even bark mulch in his ears!) and hits the hay.

While a good wife may follow her husband into bed at that time, I can't. Not only is it impossible for me to go to bed at 8:30pm but also, I have other household duties that need doing. Being that I work 3 days outside of this place, I need to get stuff done. Tidying, writing, cleaning, lunches, and knitting. The list goes on and really just ends with, I can't go to bed when he does.

Each night, after I've finished everything I can on my to do list, I brush my teeth, check on the kids, pee and crawl into bed (your welcome for that). Most nights Corey's on his side of the bed passed out, so deep asleep that a kiss goodnight doesn't even illicit an eye flutter. There is also another new development present at this particular time in our evening. He is snoring!

Corey has never been a major snorer, and while he has on occasion snored when he's sick or super tired it's not something I'm used too. And I know that this is all due to his sheer exhaustion, his poor body is finished by bedtime.

I try to ignore it and stuff, but the thing is, some nights he's loud enough I'm worried he'll wake the girls. So I have to wake him and get him to roll over or at least move because I need my sleep too. And the only way I'm gonna get said sleep is if the two munchkins who reside down the hall stay asleep.

This is where a slight problem arises...our "Snore Stop"; encounters go something like this*

Corey: zzzzzzz Pffffft zzzzzzzz Pffffft ZZZZZZZ PFFFFFT (this is how I would spell his snore, keep in mind to get the full grandeur of what I'm trying to say the "PFFFFT" is accompanied with "awesome" breath)
Me: Babe, babe! Wake up you're snoring, can you roll over or something so you don't wake the girls"
Corey: Huh, mmmm ya ok ya
Then I wait. I watch and nothing happens, his eyes stay closed and about 15 seconds later....
Corey: zzzzzzz Pffffffft ZZZZZZ PFFFFT
Me: Corey: Ya, ya ok, sure
Again I wait. I watch and nothing happens, he doesn't even flare a nostril. I may be, at this point, slightly annoyed. And again the snoring returns, louder this time.
Me: COREY (now it's more like a shove rather than a shake) Wake up! You're still snoring, and if this doesn't stop you're sleeping in your truck, after I push you off the bed. ROLL OVER
Corey: *Opens his eyes and glares at me* I DID ROLL OVER! I ALREADY DID IT!
Me: *laughing now* No babe, you didn't. You haven't even twitched
Corey: *Sit straight up* YES! I DID!

He then lays back down, rolls slightly to his side and passes back out. I however, lay there trying with all my might to control the urge to kick him squarely in the keister, hoping I go to sleep before he starts up again. I mean really, where does he get off snapping at ME?

Morning rolls around and I ask him, about why he snapped at me and wouldn't just roll over. Corey stares at me with this blank expression and says, "What are you talking about? I wasn't awake at all last night."

I looked back at him for a split second and the burst at the seams laughing. Some people sleep walk, others sleep eat, we sleep disagree. Awesome! I explained to him what I was talking about, expecting that it would remedy the situation, but it hasn't. Since that day, we've had a few "sleep encounters" all of which end with me either giggling softly to my self or seething mad ready to bop him one with my book.

All I can say, is it's a good thing I love him and that morning comes so soon.


The Smith's said...

Ooooh too funny! I totally know what you're talking about or rather my husband knows what you're talking about... I do not snore but I have had conversations like that with him in the middle of the night (or at least I'm told) and I don't remember a thing. Funny thing sleep is! I hope you are able to get some good sleep on the nights that you need it most!

Angella said...

I'm SO THANKFUL that Matthew's not a snorer. I'm such a light sleeper as it is...

Anonymous said...

Your Dad can snore with the best of them. I talk in my sleep so we keep each other going. Oh yea, and don't forget when Dad punched me in the mouth when he was dreaming he was in a fight. Not such a nice sleep for either of us. :)
Love you guys. Corey...hugs on the snoring. Dad snores like that and I poke and bug him a million times. But revenge is around the corner. lol Ashley I snore more now that I am "old" if you are like me it will be Corey's turn to bug you! :)

Love you All
Mom / Grammy

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Sleep disagree! Ha!
I know what you mean about the snoring, my husband does taht sometimes too. Mostly after a beer or two. Thankfully I can just kick him (gentlyish) on the shin and he rolls over without really even waking up.

Snoring sucks!