Monday, August 9, 2010

New Baby...Wow!

We had this conversation with Bethany yesterday...

Me: "Finish your lunch guys because we're going shopping."
Bethany: "Shopping?!  Are we gonna get a new baby?  I wanna get a new baby!"
Corey: "A new baby?  What kind of new baby?"
Bethany: Rolls eyes "A new baby, Dad.  You know, like Audrey.  A new baby."
Corey: "Ohhhh, a real new baby."
Bethany: "Ya, a new baby"
Me: Fighting to hold in the laughter "Well, where would we get a new baby?"
Bethany: "At the hoss-i-pill, like Audrey, they have one for us there"
Me: Hiding behing the fridge door, trying desperately to hold in my laughter "Well we can't just go in there and get a new baby.  Sorry buddy, those babies belong to someone"
Corey: " Yah Beth, those babies already have a mommy and a daddy"
Bethany: "Well they can share, those peoples need to share their babies with us."
Me:" It's not that easy kiddo, it's actually a lot of work for Mommy....and for Daddy.  And someone would be really sad if we took their baby home, right?"
Bethany:" Yah" thinks for a minute "But we could share it back"
Me:"Why do you want a new baby Bethany?"
Bethany: "Because I do, and I love Audrey"

Sigh.  I love her heart.  This isn't the first time we've had that conversation over the past few months.  A couple of weeks ago we were in Zellers and she saw a lady with a 2 week old baby and insisted we stop to look.  After we talked to the mom for a minute we walked away and Beth was quiet.  Then all of a sudden I hear this little voice, "Mommy, can we get a new baby?" I took a second and then said, "Well no honey, we can't just go get one" her answer "yes you can, that lady did.  They're here somewhere!"

It's baffled me that she wants another one, and made my heart strings melt.  Remember when I said over here that I had found peace, apparently that's not totally true.  It's not something I'll elaborate on right now, but it's something that's still milling around.  Even though we're both pretty sure this is it.  But hearing my little big girl ask for another sibling, another little buddy to love, makes me fall in love with her.  I was telling my Mom the other day about this conversation and had mentioned how it surpised me.  Her answer was eye opening, she said we should take it as an awesome sign.  That us having and bringing home Audrey had to have been a good experience for her to want to do it again, and that she must really love her sister.  Then yesterday's conversation happened and it was confirmed.

I love that Bethany wants another baby.  Not that we will, because good Lord knows I don't work on the whims of my children all the time.  But I love that she has so much love she wants to share it with a sibiling.  I'm also glad that we took the leap and had Audrey.  I think every new baby is a leap of faith, not only financially but emotionally, physically and mentally.  We worried that B wouldn't love having a sister, that she would feel left out or unloved.  Instead she feels more loved, more able to love and a loyalty I can wait to see bloom.  And I feel confident that as Audrey grows and time passes she'll feel just the same.

And, in the mean time we told her, we didn't need to go the hospital to pick out a new baby....we already have two babies here at home.  Which of course got her goat, because "I'm NOT a baby!"

ps. Bet we had a few of you thinking we were having a new baby. Sorry to disappoint but, um NO! And the title is a reference to THIS video

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Kami's Khlopchyk said...

That is pure sweetness and must just about make your heart burst with pride!

I did see you re-thinking your decision a bit though ;) If only your pregancies weren't so hard on you eh?