Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer weddings

You know what's great? Summer. Sunshine, warm weather, long days, lazy dinners outside (well they aren't really lazy anymore, not when you've got a toddler who eats and then wants to RUN!), and weddings.

Last weekend Corey and I helped celebrate a dear friend (Corey's best friend) Rocheil and her now husband Chris' wedding. Because Rocheil decided that Corey would show her up in a dress, and because she was in our wedding I was given the honor of being one of her maids. It was great fun, for all the stressing I did, I actually enjoyed myself and was maybe a little sad that it was over so quickly.

Rocheil and Corey go way back, I mean back to when dinosaurs roamed the earth and the only time a person bathed was when they accidentally fell into a pond. (which two 3 year old twin boys did this weekend, scary and funny all at once) Well, maybe they aren't that old but you get the picture. Corey watched her with pride this past weekend, thrilled to see a woman that he loves very much finally find the man of her dreams and a man that Corey not only likes, but respects as well.

It was an early day for us girls with hair appointments starting at 9am in Surrey. Which meant I had to drag my exhausted pregnant butt (which I'm afraid pretty soon will actually look pregnant if things go as they did with Bethany) out of bed at 6:30...ok, so 6:55am to be out the door for 7:30. Normally this would have all paid off because I'd have this fabulous hair that made me feel 10lbs lighter and twice as sassy. Saturday, however that was not the case. Nope, the lady, whom shall remain nameless (because her name makes me want to spew tacks) did an awful job. She actually started and finished an entire salon sized can of hairspray on my head while putting in the rollers you'd use for a perm and the chucking me under a very hot dryer for 45minutes. Basically she'd forgotten about me.

She then took out the curlers, and back combed the life right out of my hair. Now I have very sensitive hair, it cries, I sometimes scream (ask my Mom) and with the slight curl in it, back combing is a very, VERY bad idea. No matter how many times I told, wingy this she continued to strum away as if she were playing along to some Santana tune in her head. When I was finished there were about 10 curls hanging down the back of my head, and the rest was this fuzzy, crunchy, grey looking hair mass on the top. I walked out of the salon, so angry I almost couldn't speak (almost, poor Corey was hoping for the couldn't speak at all kinda angry), headed straight for a bathroom and pulled 2 of the 35 million bobby pins out. It was then that I realized I could not fix this I needed help! And I only had 4 hours till I had to meet everyone else and get dressed.

Some desperate phone calls later, my husband located a salon that promised that I'd be in "good hands". And boy ways I!! Loan (low-anne) was fabulous, in 1.5 hours she'd turned my beetle juice bouffant into what I'd envisioned and restored my self esteem. I had just enough time to grab a burger for lunch and book it to the Chateau Cargill. (oh and we didn't tell Rocheil about this ordeal because what bride needs to know that she almost had a halloween costume for a bridesmaid)

Make-up on, dresses laced, re-laced, boobs adjusted and shoes on, and we were set. The music started and I headed out to lead the pack down the aisle. Except it wasn't just walking down your regular aisle, oh no. Rocheil and Chris thought it'd be sweet to throw in stairs. That's right, too tall, miss two left feet was required to maneuver down a flight of stairs in new high heels. In most of my stories you would insert the paramedics here, a very embarrassed flushed face and an ankle that made the ripest of plums look green. However, God and this dude named Alex (the groomsmen who couldn't figure out that I wasn't his "Buddy") were with me the whole way and disaster was avoided.

The ceremony was short and beautiful. Rocheil proudly kissed her man and then headed outside for photos. Take a look here for the slide show. Cora, is an excellent photographer, although not quite the same as Emblem Photography, I am sure Chris and Rocheil will treasure these pictures.

It was a wonderful summer day, perfect for a wedding. Corey and I enjoyed some quality visiting time with Scott and Chelsea who were down for the weekend. Time flies far too quickly when you are in the presence of family. Especially the kind of family who are your friends. We're gonna also send out a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to them today because I know I won't be home on Monday to do a post. June 30th will be their first anniversary ! So make sure that you stop over on their blog and wish them all the best. 1 year down 80 to go!


Swistle said...

Oh, man, I lovvvvvvve weddings. Love. But not summer ones: TOO HOT!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Anniversary wish! We enjoyed ever so much seeing you guys and can't wait for the next one. Im not sure how long i will be able to do those trips that was a long haul for baby and me. Love you
Scott and Chels

Christy and Dustin said...

I love weddings. Good thing too cuz they're becoming quite a major part of our lives.