Saturday, June 20, 2009


"It's a Girl!", "DaDa", "Daddy's Home!", "Hey Dad, wanna play blocks?", "Pick me up Daddy, I want to see!", "I fell Daddy kiss it better","I asked Jesus into my heart", "I missssss my Mooooooom", "I did it! I'm riding my bike!","Awwww Dad", "Hey Dad are you ready for Christmas shopping?", " No, she won't like the socks with ducks on them", "Sure Dad, I'll go to a hockey game with you", "Really? You're going to make me parralell park again?", "All I want for graduation is season tickets with my Dad","I graduated, can you believe it I graduated!", "He was off side, clearly he was off side. That ref is blind! Seriously Dad did you see that?", "Dad, can you invite Gord and Merle for dinner so they bring the boys?", "Can we go to Earls after the game, please?!","I want to move to Kelowna Dad, will you help me find a place?", "Bye Daddy, I'm heading on my adventure", "I got the Job!", "Um, so my sewer is backing up into my house Dad, what do I do?", "I'm moving again, can you please bring your trailer", "He's a jerk Dad. I know he's my boss, but...", "I'm in love! I know it's real. It's not like one of those out of the ball park, home run sort of things. It's like coming Home, I can't wait for you to meet him Daddy.", "Corey asked me to marry him! I'm getting married!", "Tonight I'm getting baptised Dad, I wanted to surprise you.", "I do.", "I can't dance any more Dad, hold me up", " We're pregnant! and it's not an April Fools joke.", "It's a girl, we have a girl!!! Her name is Bethany", "We're moving again Dad, but this time - I'm coming home. Um, can you help us again, please?", "Seriously Dad, the next time you leave on holidays for 3 weeks - don't leave me in charge of the office mkay?", "Listen, to what she says "Papa" she's saying it for you", " We're pregnant again. Would you please build this baby a change table too?", "I HATE those guys at Telus Dad! I really do", "It's another girl! Her name is Audrey Joy"......

This would have been a different picture if my stupid scanner hadn't decided to be, well, stupid tonight! But none the less, it really is one of my favorites!

He's been there for a life time of phrases, of moments and memories, of joys and sorrows, triumphs and failures. He's dried tears, pulled slivers, taught lessons, held my hand, and then let it go. He's been my spiritual leader, my hockey buddy, my friend and my mentor. He's built blocks and wagons, sleighs that don't move in the snow and hope chests that move everywhere, he's made change tables and cutting boards, made good choices and hard. He's one of the hardest working men I know, always ready to do what it takes to take care of his family, or someone else's if the need be. He lays us in God's hands and trusts that He'll do His part. He's a son and a husband, a father and a Papa, but more than all of those, he's my Dad.

It's never been a secret that I love my Dad. He is our pillar of strength and I, just might have him wrapped around my little finger (I actually have a sign he bought for me to prove it). And my children, well, he's complete putty in their hands.

Dad and Mom weeding my garden to help me. A gift beyond measure.

I have molded my life from the two people who I admire and respect the most - my Mom and my Dad. I have followed in their example and learned from their mistakes. I have called them with countless questions and cried on their shoulders when I've made my own wrong turns. I pray that I lead our children to Christ and live by example in Him the way my Dad has and does. I hope that they know, like I do that Dad is always praying for them, loving them, and there for them. I hope that they feel the same strength in Corey that I do in my Dad. He's been my rock and my one constant through thick or thin. And I truly hope that when someone looks in my eyes, there is a true refection of my Dad in me. Not on the outside but radiating from within.

I LOVE this photo!

As time goes by and childhood becomes a memory and I become an adult (or so my driver's license says) I have a deeper appreciation for who and what my parents are. I'm a mother myself now, making those tough choices (and believe me, life with a 2 year old is full of tough choices), having to say no, spank hands, doing time outs, cuddling and kissing, tickling and laughing, playing and teaching. I have gained and understanding of why my parents did what did, said what they said and raised me to who I am.

Tonight, while preparing for Father's Day tomorrow, for both my wonderful husband and my great Dad, I started thinking about this post. I know Corey deserves a salute for he's a great Dad, I've blogged of that before. And he has a Dad, who too deserves a Happy Father's Day, but this is my space, and my voice and tonight it's My Dad I'm talking to. It's for him that I write....

"Happy Father's Day Dad! I hope you know that this is merely a day and we - I appreciate you each day of the year. Thank you for lessons learned and hurts mended. For friendship and tough love, for moving me a few too many times and listening when I tend to blather on. Thank you for loving my husband and adoring my children. Thank you for the help you've offered my family, you have no idea how we appreicate you and Mom. Thank you for being all those things to me, I don't think you'll ever really know how much I adore you. Enjoy your day today, you deserve it and I have one more phrase to leave you with....

"You are my hero, Daddy. I know without a shadow of a doubt that when the day comes that you stand at Jesus' feet (many, many, MANY years from now) He will look at you and say,

"You have served me well, you have done your best to live in My image, walk in My truth, shine My light and raise your children in My image. 'Well done, good and faithful servent....'"

and for that, we say thank you!"

Happy Father's Day, Dad! We love you!


Kami's Khlopchyk said...

That first paragraph is gold Ashley, I love it. I felt like I was watchign short little movie clips of your life, well done!

And Happy Father's Day to all the dad's in your life :)

Anonymous said...

Your Dad sat and had many tears reading through the blog. Well done dear. We love ya
Mom / Grammy

Anonymous said...

I know this is alittle late but you made me Cry my eye's out. This is exactly how I feel about my Dad.
Your dad is an amazing guy and I see him in your eye's for sure!
Love you