Monday, August 23, 2010

I like it, weather you do or not!

I have something to say, that some of you may not want to hear.  Some may be offended, some may be saddened by the announcement, while others may join in with a chorus of "Amen, Sista" 's.  I've been wanting to tell you for awhile now, but the timing wasn't right.  If I'd said it a month ago, it would have been even harder to swallow.  Heck, even my own Mother doesn't like it when I talk of it.

The thing is, I want summer to go away.  In fact I am at that "I loath you summer, you need to leave before I feel the need to move to Alaska (if it's actually cooler there), and before I decide to pelt you with ripe, mushy tomatoes next year" point in the season.  It's not like it's an unusual thing for me to hate summer, and it's not all of summer I hate, it's just the heat and the clothes that cover not enough, the fact that the weeds in my garden can grow so bloody fast and that I have to sunscreen my kids every 15 seconds to prevent a sunburn, and who can forget the fact that when it's hot outside and my sandal clad toes (which will NEVER have socks with said sandals) hit the sunshine they develop awesome white blisters in a matter of 20 minutes, that I resent.

When summer first arrives, I'm glad it's here -sort of.  I mean, I'm glad that the kids can go swimming, that there is summer fruits and veggies available and that the girls look so cute in their shorts and tank tops.  But after 24 hours of the super hot weather, I'm annoyed.  We don't have air conditioning, and while our house isn't as hot as some, it's still pretty hot.  It means that we have all the fans on, and still we don't sleep well.  The mosquitos like to rock summer and I figure, any season that comes with the worlds most annoying bugs cannot be all that good.

What I really love is fall.  Autumn, the cooler months.  In fact, if the whole year could be Fall to Spring, Fall to Spring, I'd be thrilled.  The fall brings crisp mornings and warm afternoons.  You can still wear a t-shirt and jeans without feeling sweat trickled down the backs of your knees.  You can go for a walk, even soak up the rays, and there are a few days in there that it's warm enough to do those summer outside things.  But the evenings are cool, everyone sleeps well.  The bugs begin to die and dinners are cooked in the oven, leaving you feeling warm and mushy.

Then there is rain, and while sometimes I'll complain about rain, for the most part I love it (unless of course I'm supposed to be going somewhere with the kids and it's pouring down rain then I don't so much love it).  The sound of it, the fact that everything gets a drink and fire season becomes a thing of the past.  The leaves change colours and our apple trees stop leaving mushy apple sauce all over the driveway.  Also, did I mention fall fashions are my FAVOURITE!  Jeans and cozy sweaters, dress pants with long sleeve cardigans and camis, not a pair of shorts or swimsuit in sight!

Spring too, really rockes the wheel barrow.  I mean, you get new flowers, warm mornings and the days are slightly longer.  The rain comes, but so do the new leaves on the trees and the birds come homes.

It's like, somebody was using their head with Spring and Fall and then dropped the ball with Winter and Summer (although I do like about 2 weeks of winter and snow for the kids and over christmas).  The extremes are too much for me. 

Corey, doesn't so much agree, he's someone who's perpetually cold and the only time of year he's not in need of three layers is summer.  He's glad to get a suntan (through sunscreen), feel the heat on his back and enjoy hours outside.  My Mom too, loves summer, and I don't blame her.  She's got an allergy to the cold and it sucks, in the summer is the only time she can be outside sans worry.  I say, when Corey and my mom need the summer fix they should hop a plain for Arizona and spend a week with all the crazies who chose to live in a place that is hot year round.  Heck, maybe go straight to the equator.

This year has been particularily tough, the hot spells have felt endless and my patience with them thin.  It seems, as it does every year, just when I'm about to lose my cool and pass my breaking point, the weather starts to change.  This year is no different, while all of my FB friends are complaining about the cooler days and that the weather appears to be having a mood change, I'm rejoicing.  It is for me the sign that I will survive and good weather is on it's way. 

And if you're one of those summer lovers, who's managed to make it this far while I've been talking smack about your best friend I want you to hold up.  Before you go getting all, "I'm gonna pull out a can o' whoop ass on her summer hatin' soul", WAIT!  I listen to you blather on for 3 months out of the year about how you love the heat, how you need the rays, Vitamin D my you know what, blah, blah, blah.  Now it's my turn, and I'm gonna love every second of it.

So, what about you (less the whole "can of..." part), what's your favourite season?

PS. Don't forget the Review Blog GIVEAWAY!  I know I so forgot the link last time, sorry!  Blame it on summer, my brain was fried!


Anonymous said...

Ashley, I'm givin' you an "amen sista" for the heat to turn into beautiful autumn weather - this summer in particular I've been hesitant to take Elanie out since it's been so hot, AND there has been so much smoke because of surrounding forest fires. It would be too much for her little lungs (no I'm not being paranoid, lately the smoke meter out of ten, has been sixteen in the loops) I'm looking forward to lots of autumn strolls in the snugli :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley,
I'm totally with you too. While I love a couple snow days, It would be great to have 2 seasons all year long. Fall, spring, fall, spring. I'm done with Summer too.

Andrea said...

I do love summer but I always get a fresh sense of eagerness when signs of fall start showing. I love a nice beautiful DRY fall...maybe I really just love an Indian Summer.